WE G34 / G35 with Beautiful Scrollwork Engraving
Sunday Operation

Model Work presents Monster Custom KSC M11A1

Very realistic feel + old and worn vintage look

Wood gun case included

Origin KSC M11A1
Replace ABS body with M11 Steel Metal Body

M11 Steel Made Stock

M11 Steel Made Flashider

M11 Rubber Grip

Weight 1.59 kg
Length 25.3 cm
Barrel Length ~13.3 cm
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi-Automatic
Power Source 12 kg gas



KSC-M11A1-01 KSC-M11A1-02 KSC-M11A1-03 KSC-M11A1-04 KSC-M11A1-05 KSC-M11A1-06 KSC-M11A1-07 KSC-M11A1-08 KSC-M11A1-09 KSC-M11A1-10 KSC-M11A1-11 KSC-M11A1-12